Regatta Bookin Solutions

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Looking for a few good CVBs

Regatta is not for everyone. Quite often we meet with potential clients and after listening to their situation, we may say that Regatta is not the right fit. Our solution is for forward thinking DMOs who really want to make a difference. We focus on working directly with hotels to ensure that when a customer decides to book a hotel on a DMO site, they have the best user experience available, and find the best deals available. The goal? To capture a customer who normally would have booked through Expedia or Travelocity and getting them to book through the DMO at a fraction of the cost to the hotel. Your hotels are looking for ways to attract more business at a lower cost. Are you ready to step up to the plate? You have a strong credible brand that you have spent years building. You have a marketing budget that is most likely bigger than what any individual OTA would spend on marketing your destination individually. You have the buy-in from all of your suppliers. What you are missing is the right technology and the know how to convert visitors to your website into bookers.

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A Great Booking Engine isn’t Even Half the Battle

While we believe that our booking engine technology is the best available, at the end of the day it is a tool to convert visitors into paying customers. We can argue whether ours is better or worse than the competition, but simply changing the booking engine on your website will not make that much of an impact on the volume of reservations generated. There is much more to driving revenue than just a booking engine, which is what makes Regatta so unique. Aside from our booking engine, we:

  • Build relationships with local partners and suppliers
  • Distribute rates and inventory through tactical marketing programs
  • Monitor and track return on investment and optimize marketing campaigns
  • Act as the destination’s REVENUE MANAGER to drive more sales
  • Work hand in hand with the destination to formulate creative methods to drive more bookings specific to each destination
  • Customize our booking solution to meet the needs of the destination
  • Work with suppliers to help them increase the volume of bookings directly through their own websites, as well as the destination website
  • Constantly innovate through feedback from our DMO and hotel clients

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Not Just as Good as an OTA… BETTER Than an OTA

When a customer visits a DMO website, they should feel like they have struck gold. The DMO needs to be the supreme source of the most in-depth and up to date information about the destination… anywhere. The booking process should be just as exhilarating for the consumer. They should be able to search for accommodations in ways that no other website allows them to do so that they feel the DMO has helped them find the perfect option for them. They should find options and deals available to them that are not available anywhere else. Click ‘Read More’ for a complete menu of features offered by Regatta.

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An Entirely New Perspective

A winning formula for DMOs to drive revenue to their partners

We hear it all the time. “DMOs will never generate any real volume.” Here at Regatta, there is nothing we love more than proving this theory wrong. For years, DMOs (and the companies trying to capitalize on them) thought that by simply placing a booking engine on their website, they would be flooded with bookings. After all, they had spent so much money on building and promoting, and optimizing their websites. So when the booking engines were launched with great excitement, many were left scratching their heads trying to figure out why the avalanche of bookings never arrived. Booking engine companies that had presented their solutions as a commission and performance based model quickly switched to an annual license fee model, and DMOs gave up hope that their websites would ever be able to generate bookings for their partners.

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